Vision for Knoxville

“Over the past 50 years, we’ve transformed Knoxville into a thriving, innovative, and growing city where people want to live, work, and visit – and it is my mission to leverage that momentum and continue to build upon it. As your representative on the City Council, I am dedicated to building coalitions and working together to solve the most critical challenges facing our City. At its core, public service is about problem-solving and I am committed to doing just that.” – Lynne Fugate

Proven, Effective Leadership

My Record on Council

Affordable Housing

No one can realize their full potential without a place to lay their head. With housing costs rising faster than ever before and more families struggling to find housing that is affordable to them, we must work to increase the supply of housing of all types and expand access to crucial interventions such as permanent supportive housing.

  • Spearheaded the establishment of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the City of Knoxville, pledging a minimum of $5 million annually for a decade.

Public Safety & Accountability

For the City of Knoxville to flourish, we must safeguard our neighborhoods and schools from crime and violence and deal with problems like mental illness and substance misuse.

  • Increased pay for first responders
  • Supported body cameras for Knoxville Police Department (KPD) officers.
  • Vision Zero
  • Support expansion of the KPD’s co-response team to respond to mental health emergency calls.

A Dynamic Economy

Our community needs quality, thoughtful economic growth that allows our citizens to thrive and supports a growing tax base that can provide for all our residents. We must work to attract talent and support entrepreneurship by advocating for a supportive, innovative business climate.

  • Supported KUB broadband
  • Development services improvements 


From downtown to Morningside, Holston Hills, Oakwood-Lincoln Park, West Hills, Island Home, Westwood and Mechanicsville, Knoxville is home to lively and diverse communities with a strong sense of place.

  • Supported Greenways
  • Advocated for Sidewalks


Equal Opportunity

Every resident—no matter their age, ability, income, or race—deserves to share in the benefits of public and private investment. It is critical that we work to break down barriers and enhance upward mobility through positive government action.

  • Supported an effort to seek grants to rebuild areas adversely impacted by urban renewal.